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  • Applications for Handbags, Belts, Straps, Pancake Holsters, Wallets, Purses, Leather Bags, Luggage, Suitcase, Bags, Chaps, Jackets, Vests, Shaped and Round Cases, Hats and Caps, Backpacks, Heavy Garments, Jeans, Saddle Bags, Motorcycle Seats, Small Animal Harness, Leashes and Collars, Concealed Gun Holsters, Nylon Webbing Tow Ropes, Rifle Slings, Caps, Cushions, Boots, Shoes, Travel ware accessories, and other Tubular and Curved works etc…
  • Computerized, Cylinder Bed, Compound Feed, Walking Foot, Vertical-Axis Hook, Safety Clutch, Large Bobbin, Alternating Presser Feet, Side Presser Foot, Tape Binder Device, Positioning Presser Foot etc… are available for options.

Product Details: Single Needle Computerized Cylinder Bed Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine

Applications: Luggage, Suitcase, Backpack, Bags, Wallets, Purses, Leather Bags, Chaps, Jackets, Vests, Handbags, Belts, Straps, Pancake Holsters, Shaped and Round Cases, Purses, Hats and Caps, Backpacks, Heavy Garments, Jeans, Saddle Bags, Motorcycle Seats, Small Animal Harness, Leashes and Collars, Concealed Gun Holsters, Nylon Webbing Tow Ropes, Rifle Slings, Caps, Cushions, Boots, Shoes, Travel ware accessories, and other Tubular and Curved works etc…
The CZPT Computerized Single Needle Cylinder Bed Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Leather Sewing Machine
Auto reverse stitching, automatic pressure foot, easy to operate, sewing stitch beautiful balance, outstanding work efficiency, This machine is specially designed for luggage manufacturing cylindrical thick flat sewing machine, CZPT structure, modelling is novel,Due to the small diameter cylindrical seaming machine, widely used in production of all kinds of leather goods, leather clothing, shoes, seat cushion, leather wear, bags, leather goods, shoes, etc in the piping process.
The machine available for sewing wallets, purses, leather bags, chaps, jackets, vests, handbags, belts, upholstery, saddlebags, boots as well as automobile and boat covers, sails, tents, awnings, luggage, orthopaedic appliances, sports equipment, jawing jeans, tents. Seat cushions, leather goods etc. The adoption of automatic lubricating system guarantee the stable sewing performance, high efficiency and excellent quality. Best fit for sewing packages, sports goods, toys, phone cases, shoes. Twofold big kettle and shuttle can avoid change often, less waste, improve efficiency. Competitive material feed setting, smooth sewing, high quality. New style adjust setting, adjust onward and backward sewing simply. New style double CZPT inverse sewing setting, stand against friction, precise after long time usage. sewing speed:2200rpm needle pole journey:38mm stitch length: 8.0mm cylinder dia:47mmheight of presser foot:15mm  needle:DPx17  fluctuate height of presser foot: 2-6mm

This machine is specially designed for luggage manufacturing cylindrical thick flat sewing machine, CZPT structure, modelling is novel. Adopts sliding bar pick line, constitute a double lock stitch, upper and lower shaft with synchronous toothed belt transmission. Presser foot, feed dog, needle feed and lever type stitch regulator. High voltage foot pieces, high pressure foot clearance and stitch length cooperate with cylindrical seaming machine. Is suitable for sewing heavy bags, luggage, mattresses, especially suitable for the bags around.

Features: At the base of up-down Synchronized feeding material, we develop the up feeding materials single system which is distinguished from the down feeding materials, to make feeding materials synchronized, as the specialized equipment of flap cover, it adds the versatility and practicality in sewing heavy materials. Side Presser Foot, Positioning Presser Foot, Adjustable Positioning Device, Tape Binding Device are all available for more options. A full synchronized binder version is also available which features a special triple feeding set and synchronized bottom plate with binder attachment for professional binding applications.

Model NO.:  FX-246-C
Max. Sewing Speed: 2200r.p.m
Stitch Length:  0-8mm
Presser Foot Lift:  16mm
Packing Size:  57x27x62cm
Diameter of Cylinder:  46mm
Needle Type:  DPx17 #18-#23
Weight:  40KGS
Bed Type:  Small Cylinder Bed
Presser Foot:  Walking Foot
Feed System:  Compound Feed

FOXSEW Single Needle Computerized Cylinder Bed Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine


Condition: New
Application Place: Service Industry
Applicable Thickness: Thick Material
Stitch Type: Lock Type
Transportation: Sea, Air
Delivery Time: 7 Days


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Shaft Collar

Common Uses for the Shaft Collar

The shaft collar is a relatively simple machine component, but one of the most important in many power transmission applications. It is most often used in gearboxes and motors, where it serves as a locating component, bearing face, and mechanical stop. Its simple design allows for easy installation and makes it ideal for a range of applications. Listed below are some of the most common uses for the shaft collar. Learn more about this important machine component.

Single split

Two-piece shaft collars are an excellent option for applications where a single piece collar is not practical. They provide the same benefits as one-piece collars, but with more convenience when installing. The two-piece collar has a clamp style, which allows the collar to be adjusted with a hand tool. They are suitable for light-duty applications and come in a variety of diameters. In addition to shaft diameters, collars are available with different threaded bore sizes. Shaft diameters are usually measured in mm. They can be easily installed and disassembled by removing the cap screws from each side.
Single split shaft collars come with a machine screw that tightens the clamp around the shaft. This ensures a tight, secure fit and better holding power than solid collars. They are easy to install, remove, and adjust, and work on virtually all types of shafts. The machine screw helps to prevent the collar from ripping the shaft.
Shaft collars come in a variety of materials. Typical materials include stainless steel, alloyed steel, and nylon. They are also available in custom sizes. If you want a specific size, be sure to specify that when ordering. These collars are made of quality materials, and they will hold up to the most rigorous applications.
Heavy duty shaft collars are manufactured from higher-grade materials than standard collars. They have a larger outer diameter, wider flange, and a larger screw for increased holding power. These collars are typically used in short-term, rigid coupling applications, and they are available in one-piece and two-piece clamp styles. These collars are typically made from 1215 lead-free steel or 303 stainless steel. Some of them can be finished with an anodized finish.
Mountable shaft collars are used to mount sensors, fixtures, and other assemblies. There are three different styles of mountable shaft collars: flange collars, flat collars, and quick-release collars. The material used for shaft collars can be 1215 lead-free steel with a black oxide finish, high-strength aluminum, and 303 stainless steel.


A solid shaft collar is a shaft coupling that is used to connect two shafts. They can be made of a variety of materials, including steel, zinc plated, and stainless steel. In addition, they come with various finishing options, including a zinc plated or black oxide finish. In addition, they can be made to fit a variety of shaft sizes and types.
Shaft collars are a simple, yet essential part of machine design. They can be found in virtually any piece of machinery. They can serve a variety of functions, including holding bearings on shafts, positioning components within motor assemblies, and acting as mechanical stops. While they can serve a variety of functions, they are most commonly used as bearing faces, mechanical stops, and locating components. They are also easy to install and tighten, making them a popular choice for a variety of different applications.
Solid shaft collars are available in two types: one-piece and two-piece. The two-piece collars are generally more rigid, offering better clamping force. However, they require more seating torque than the one-piece clamp collar. This is because there are more screws to tighten the two-piece collar than the single-piece collar.
One type of solid shaft collar is the set screw collar. Its holding power comes from the set screw, which is tightened onto the shaft. Ideally, the set screw should impinge on the shaft, and bite into it. The screw should be made of a softer material, as a harder material would reduce its holding power. However, the set screw collar can be adjusted by milling small flats into the shaft at the locations of the set screw.
A solid shaft collar is a simple machine component used in various power transmission applications. The most common places where it is used include motors, gearboxes, and bearings. Their simple design makes it easy to install and maintain. Unlike early versions, however, which were primarily made of square-headed set screws, modern shaft collars feature recessed set screws.
Shaft Collar


A Clamping-style shaft collar is an essential component of a gearbox or motor. Its high holding power allows it to hold components securely in place and ensure proper power transmission. These collars are also commonly used as spacers or to limit the movement of shafts during reciprocating motion.
These collars come in a variety of styles, including the double-split and semi-split varieties. They are ideal for repetitive positioning and are available in steel and stainless steel. They also feature a quick release element. And the index lever makes them easy to adjust or repair.
There are several different styles of shaft collars, including the Clamping-style shaft collar. The Clamping-style collar is one of the most commonly used in industrial settings. Its clamp is attached to the shaft by screws and has a hinge on one side. This feature eliminates the risk of the screws becoming dislodged while operating the machine.
Clamping-style shaft collars are generally made of steel or stainless steel. They can be made of aluminium, but this material has lower holding power. Stainless steel collars are a good choice for cleanroom environments because they do not outgas. They also require less maintenance. If you’re uncertain which style to choose, consult with a specialist in your field.
Clamping-style shaft collars are commonly used on industrial machinery and are an important part of gearbox maintenance. If you’re planning to install one, make sure you measure it carefully before you install it. If you don’t, you may damage the shaft or endcap. And while you’re at it, be sure to check for any kinks before you use it.
Shaft Collar

Set screw

Set screw shaft collars are the most cost-effective type of shaft collar. Available in bore sizes ranging from 3/16″ to 4″, they offer increased holding power and torque capacity. Additionally, they come with a keyway in case the shafts are keyed. Commercially produced shaft collars are non-magnetic and made of 303 stainless steel. They also come with one set screw per collar.
Shaft collars can be made of aluminum, steel, or a combination of steel. They serve multiple purposes including mechanical stops and stroke limiters, and can be adjusted for the correct fit. They are easy to install and remove, and they provide high clamping power. Custom designs are also available. They can be made of different materials to suit your specific needs.
Set screw for shaft collars are commonly used in transmission and machinery applications. Set screw shaft collars can be adjusted using a screw driver. When tightened, the set screw bites into the shaft material and holds it in place. When used properly, they can reduce the amount of torque required to hold components in place.
Shaft collars come in a variety of sizes. In general, shaft collars can range from 5/64″ to one inch in diameter. In addition, you can choose between metric and inch-sized shaft collars. When choosing a shaft collar, it is important to consider the size and bore diameter of the shaft.
China Good quality Single Needle Computerized Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine   clamping shaft collarChina Good quality Single Needle Computerized Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Leather Sewing Machine   clamping shaft collar
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