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With comprehensive requirments, we can also create your specific designed item. In addition, all our manufacturing procedures are in compliance with ISO9002 specifications. a specialised provider of a complete variety of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers. EPTT Ribbon Variety EPTT Mixing EPT for Flavouring Powder

Inquiries for Consumer:
Make sure you reply below inquiries and send answers to email, and then we will deliver you offer you as soon as achievable.

one, What materials do you blend? (Names of raw supplies?)
two, What is the EPTT fineness (or particle size)? (mesh, mm)
3, What is the bulk density (or distinct gravity) of combined supplies? (kg/liter, kg/m3)
four, How a lot of kgs or liters to be blended for each batch?
5, What is the distance from base discharge outlet to floor? (cm, mm, m)
six, What building components do you require? (You should pick underneath selection)
A, all development supplies moderate metal
B, make contact with components stainless steel, non-speak to areas moderate steel
C, all construction supplies stainless steel

1 Operating basic principle:
CMPR series horizontal double ribbon mixer consist of horizontal U-shaped tank, leading cover with (or without) openings, single shaft equipped with double levels ribbon miXiHu (West EPT) agitator, EPTT unit, assist frame, sealing factor, discharge structure and so on. Ribbon blades are alwaEPTTtwo levels. Outer layer ribbon make components get together from two finishes to cEPTTr and interior layer ribbon make supplies EPT from cEPTTr to two finishes. EPTs varieties vorEPTT for the duration of continuously movement and homogeneous miXiHu (West EPT) are achieved.

2 Functionality amp characteristics:
two.01 EPT: stainless steel 304 / 316L or gentle metal Q235
two.02 Area treatment: paint (gentle steel), polish/sandblasting (stainless metal)
two.03 Ribbon agitator: double layers amp double instructions
2.04 Mixer tank: horizontal, U-formed tank
two.05 Shaft: horizontal, hollow, integral one shaft
two.06 MiXiHu (West EPT) time: 5-fifteen minutes
2.07 Working product: batch miXiHu (West EPT)
two.08 Pace EPTT: cycloid EPTT
two.09 Rotation speed: fastened velocity
2.ten Main shaft seal: (Teflon) stuffing seal or air purge seal
2.eleven Openings: feeding inlet, manhole, and inspection / relationship port
2.twelve Discharge valve: pneumatic or guide flap discharge valve
two.13 Functioning condition: NPT (normal stress and temperature)
2.fourteen Not hefty responsibility: mixer can not be commenced with loading supplies
two.fifteen EPTT offer: 220V 50HZ one period/ 380V 50HZ three section
two.16 Non ex-proof electronics (motor, digital components, manage cupboard)

3 Optional characteristics:
The pursuing optional functions are available: put on-resistant and anti-corrosion components floor remedy single direction and single layer ribbons, three levels ribbons three-parts shaft ongoing miXiHu (West EPT) EPT box EPTT changeable speed mechanical seal EPT openings and discharge valves temperature handle strain requirement weighty-responsibility configuration motors, digital elements, digital handle panel are EPT to different EPTT and ex-evidence demands ligEPTT EPT sampling gadget liquid spraying gadget scrappers and so on.

4 EPTnical specifications:

Design Working ability
Excess weight
CMPR-fifty 20-thirty 40 1.5 1000 times500 times510 210
CMPR-one hundred 40-sixty 40 two.two 1200 times570 times750 three hundred
CMPR-300 120-180 forty 3 1300 times950 times1150 690
CMPR-500 200-three hundred 40 four 1500 times1100 times1400 950
CMPR-one thousand four hundred-600 thirty 5.five 2000 times1450 times1550 1600
CMPR-1500 600-900 thirty 7.five 2200 times1420 times1790 1800
CMPR-2000 800-1200 thirty 11 2500 times1500 times1900 2000
CMPR-3000 1200-1800 thirty fifteen 2900 times1900 times2000 3100
CMPR-4000 1600-2400 25 22 3000 times1900 times2200 4100
CMPR-5000 2000-3000 20 thirty 3500 times1950 times2300 4700
CMPR-6000 2400-3600 twenty 37 3900 times1700 times2300 6000
CMPR-8000 3200-4800 twenty forty five 4300 times2000 times3100 7500
CMPR-ten thousand 4000-6000 15 45 4500 times2100 times2700 8000
CMPR-12000 4800-7200 15 fifty five 4500 times2250 times2800 ten thousand
CMPR-15000 6000-9000 fifteen 55 5400 times2300 times3050 11000
CMPR-18000 7200-10800 twelve 75 5500 times2400 times3250 12000
CMPR-20000 8000-12000 12 75 5800 times2500 times3500 13500
CMPR-25000 10000-15000 10 ninety 6000 times2600 times3700 15000
CMPR-30000 12000-18000 10 one hundred ten 6300 times2900 times3800 17000

five Mixers Album:

6 Software Business:

7 Manufacturing facility Album:

  in Matsuyama Japan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Chemical Blending Equipment manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Matsuyama Japan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Chemical Blending Equipment manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler