Shaft Clamp Collars

Shaft collars are one of the simplest components in machine design but are also one of the most indispensable. Shaft collars can be found in virtually any type of machinery and are frequently accessories to other components. Capable of fulfilling many roles, hydraulic shaft clamp often hold bearings and sprockets on shafts, situate components in motor and gearbox assemblies, and serve as mechanical stops.

Easy to Install

Quick connect clamping shaft collars are designed for easy installation and removal. Many of them can be installed without removing other shaft components and/or used where the shaft ends are inaccessible.

Wide Range of USES

In various designs and materials, rubber shaft clamps can be manufactured to withstand various environmental and operating conditions, including exposure to chemicals, oils, and high temperatures.

High Customizability

Shaft collars with clamp lever are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials and can be customized to suit the application.

Application of the Shaft Collar

Shaft collars can be used for almost any application. They are commonly found in gearboxes, electric motors, and transmission applications. They are essential components in most machines. They are easy to install and maintain and can be customized to fit almost any application.

Always consult a professional when selecting a china shaft collar. They will help you choose the shaft collar that best suits your needs. The selection process also includes the axis type. A shaft with a large bore will not provide sufficient clamping force.

Solid collars are the most common type. They are usually made of mild steel. They are also available in galvanized versions for even more protection from corrosive elements. They are less expensive than titanium collars but have lower holding power.

Automated Machinery

Medical Equipment

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Shaft Collar

Threaded Shaft Collar

Threaded bushing has a threaded interior for threaded shafts, making it an excellent choice for heavy duty applications requiring high axial holding force. The thread design also allows for easy adjustment and precise positioning.

Shaft Collar

One Piece Shaft Collar

The one-piece shaft collar clamp has a simple design with one screw. They work by surrounding the shaft with an evenly distributed compressive force. Since they cannot be removed, one-piece shaft collars are only suitable for applications where the shaft end is accessible.

Shaft Collar

Two Piece Shaft Collar

Unlike one-piece shaft collars, two piece clamp on shaft collars are fully removable, allowing them to be used in situations where the shaft end cannot be reached. Relative to their one-piece counterparts, two-piece clamp-on shaft collars also provide greater retention and shock load resistance because they can use their full seating torque to provide compression around the shaft.

Featured Product

Heavy Duty Shaft Collar

Heavy-duty shaft clamp collars have larger clamping screws and larger outside diameters and widths than other collar designs. These qualities allow them to provide excellent holding power. Increasing the outer diameter or width of the quick clamp shaft collars allows them to take advantage of the extra torque created by larger screws. Heavy-duty shaft collars are approximately twice as resistant to torsion as standard collars.

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