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Cheaper cost!! 165mm down hole screw mud motor for drinking water properly drilling rig 

1.Item description
Specification of downhole motor 

Downhole motor is a type of downhole dynamic drilling device on the electricity of drilling mud. Mud stream from the outlet of mud pump flows through a by-pass valve into the motor. This stream creates strain decline at the two inlet and outlet of the pump, to press the rotor into rotating, and to transmit the torque and pace CZPT the bit. The downhole motor residence mostly relies upon upon its residence parameters.
Enhanced fee of penetration.
Greater gap deviation control.
Reduction in drill string failure fee.
Reduction in use and tear of the swivel, Kelly, and rotary drives.
Reduction in gas value, because in comparison to rotary drilling, less strength is required to energy a downhole motor.

two.Photographs of downhole motor/mud motor  

three.Software of downhole motor for drilling 
A Assortment of Sorts & the Capabilities In accordance with the true drilling demands,we drive out higher,
midiem and low speed  downhole motors,of a range of varieties with various practical configuration and software for all doing work situations.
1.Regular type Standard motor,mud lubricating transmission shaft, straight, solitary and double bent.
2.Lengthy type The torque is enhanced by thirty%to 60%than common types, mud lubricating transmission shaft, straight, one and double bent.
three.Substantial stream price type The adoption of hollow rotor and various measurements of difficult alloy jet nozzle to boost the incoming movement and bit electricity.

four.Our service 
Delivery Time: Based on get amount, normally it requires thirty days for generation.Only 2 or 3 times if we
have stock on your ask for size.
Top quality Manage: We have our professional QC and all the items will be rigid inspection and testing for
each get ahead of transport out. 
Soon after Services: Technical Support will be offered in any time. We could give the specialist recommendation
for you.
EX: 1.Pick the appropriate most ideal goods.
       2. According to the rock varieties, deciding on the experience kind, button tooth variety.
       3. In accordance to the distinct objective,. selecting the various body type 

five.Firm introduction
We are HangZhou JW Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd.specializes in downhole motor,drill bits,drill pipe,crossover sub,fishing resources for water well, oil field, construction, geothermal, directional boring,Including three series
 with full model types,as follows:
Drilling Bit series: rock roller bit,tricone bit,pdc drill bit,single bit,cone bit and hole opener 
Drilling Equipment Parts series: downhole motor,manual tong,elevator,slips,stabilizer
Workover Fishing Tool series: releasing spear,junk basket, overshot,reversing sub,die collar,fishing tap etc.
With over ten many years encounters,our mission at JW is to sustain at the leading in solution integrity and consumers gratification throughout the world. We hope you take into account us for your foreseeable future requirements.
With specialist making technological innovation and CZPT management, JW folks will produce excellent foreseeable future with new and old clients with each other.

To Be Negotiated 1 Piece
(Min. Order)


Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Standard: API
Surface Treatment: Spray-Paint
Manufacturing Process: Casting
Material: Carbon Steel
Bit Size: 165mm
To Be Negotiated 1 Piece
(Min. Order)


Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Standard: API
Surface Treatment: Spray-Paint
Manufacturing Process: Casting
Material: Carbon Steel
Bit Size: 165mm

How to Choose the Right Shaft Collar

A shaft collar is a small, inexpensive machine component that serves a variety of purposes in power transmission. It is most commonly used in gearboxes and motors. It can serve as a mechanical stop, bearing face, or locating component. Its simple design makes it easy to install. Here are some of the most common types and their functions.
Shaft Collar


Shaft collars are an important part of many mechanical systems. These devices hold mechanical components on a shaft and also help mount shafts on flat surfaces. They are available in many different styles, sizes, and materials. Selecting the right shaft collar is essential in preventing damage to components. Stafford Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of shaft collars and other related mechanical components, can help you choose the right one for your application.
There are two main types of shaft collars. The first is the Heavy Duty type. It has a larger outer diameter and wider opening. While this may seem to increase holding power, the problem with that is that it can reduce the amount of space the collar has on the shaft. On the other hand, the Thin Line type is similar, but is made with smaller outer diameters. Another type is the Threaded Bore shaft collar. These shaft collars offer exceptional axial holding power, and are designed to protect threaded shafts without causing any damage.
A shaft collar has many uses and is typically used in industrial applications. It can act as a spacer and to stop shaft movement in reciprocating applications. It can also be used to align and position parts of automation machinery.


There are several different types of shaft collars. These components are critical for a variety of applications, and their design plays a large role in the performance of the resulting product. To select the most appropriate collar, designers must consider several factors, including the style, material, bore size, and geometry of the shaft. Many manufacturers provide performance data, and users can contact them for assistance.
There are many different types of shaft collars, which make it important to understand how each one works and what applications they can serve. Fortunately, shaft collars are easy to install and require little maintenance. Whether you need to secure industrial railings or position medical equipment, shaft collars are a versatile component that can be tailored to meet your needs.
One type of shaft collar is the locking collar. This type of shaft collar has a threaded end that is designed to mate with spindle bearings. They offer an increased TIR than standard shaft collars and allow for precise preload control. They also feature slots for spanner wrenches.
Shaft Collar


Shaft collars come in a variety of sizes. You can get a small diameter shaft collar for small equipment, or a large diameter shaft collar for larger equipment. Both styles are made from solid steel, and they come in several thicknesses. You can choose between one-half inch and six-inch collars, depending on your needs.
There are no specific standards for shaft collars, but most manufacturers have similar designs. They’re either single-point faced or double-split, and can be fine or coarse threaded. They’re often used as mechanical stops, bearing faces, or as locating components. Their bore is either fine or coarse, and their outside diameter and width are determined by the shaft diameter.
Shaft collars are commonly found in mechanical and automation equipment. These ring-shaped devices hold motor components, sprockets, and bearings in place. They also allow them to be adjusted and positioned precisely. A shaft collar is often used to connect the end of a shaft to a mechanical stop.
Another type of shaft collar is called a set collar. It has a recessed area for a screw to bite into a shaft. These collars are perfect for holding sprocket hubs, bearings, and spacers. They can also be used as a rigid coupling.


When choosing a shaft collar, consider its intended application and cost. Some shaft collars are very expensive while others are quite affordable. Choose one that meets the needs of your assembly. If you’re using the shaft collar infrequently, a clamp style or a set screw style may be a better choice. Then, you can easily adjust or disassemble it with just a few tools. If you’re using it more frequently, choose a two-piece shaft collar.
The material of the shaft collar is also an important consideration. Steel and stainless steel are common choices. While both materials are strong and durable, steel tends to have better holding power. However, aluminum shaft collars are lighter and provide better strength-to-weight ratio. The type of material you choose depends on the amount of corrosion protection you need, and whether you’ll need the collar to resist extreme temperatures. If the shaft collar is going to be used in a hot environment, you may want to go with a titanium collar.
There are many different sizes and types of shaft collars. The type of collar you choose depends on the specific application and the system it’ll be used in. Consider the dimensions of your shaft, the material of the shaft, and the length of the shaft to find the right fit. If you’re not sure what size you need, ask a manufacturer for help.
Shaft Collar

Placement on shaft

In some applications, the placement of the shaft collar can be critical to the overall performance of the machine. The collar’s design must take many factors into account, including material, style, bore size, and shaft geometry. If a user is uncertain of the proper placement of their collar, they should refer to the manufacturer’s website for guidance.
While shaft collars may look simple, they’re actually essential mechanical components that are used in almost every type of machinery. Despite their ubiquitous use in every industry, they are often underappreciated due to their complexity. Many people aren’t aware of their importance or the various types of collars available. This shaft collar guide will provide detailed information to help you find the right shaft collar for your specific application.
The surface treatment of the shaft collar is another important factor that contributes to its holding power. The most common treatment is a black oxide finish. This finish enhances screw torque while preserving the frictional properties of the bore. This finish can be further optimized by applying light oil to the screw. Zinc plating is also a good option for shaft collars. This material offers better corrosion resistance, but can reduce holding power.

Clamp style

A clamp style shaft collar is a simple and effective tool for securing shafts in machine tools. Its two-piece design allows for quick and easy positioning adjustments and has greater holding power than set screw collars. In addition, its friction-based connection maintains ease of use and prevents shaft damage. This type of collar is also more corrosion resistant than set screw collars.
There are several different types of shaft collars, including single and double split collars. Single-piece clamp collars are anchored into the shaft with a single tangential screw, whereas double-piece collars are anchored to the shaft with two socket cap screws. The latter type provides more stability and axial holding power and is suitable for rotating assemblies. A single or double-piece clamp collar can also be threaded to allow for precise positioning along the shaft. Its internal threads also provide enhanced support for high axial loads and act as a positive mechanical stop.
There are different types of shaft collars, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A set-screw collar may be preferred over a clamp-style shaft collar, but it’s not the only choice. A set-screw collar can severely mar the shaft and can prevent fine adjustments. However, it is a good idea to use the torque wrench when tightening a shaft collar.

Zinc plated

Zinc plated shaft collars are available in a variety of sizes. They are precision machined from cold finished steel bar stock and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. They are also very attractive. They are made in the USA. Whether you need a zinc-plated shaft collar for a simple repair or a more complicated installation, Lovejoy has the right solution for your needs.
The CZPT MSP-12-FZ two-piece shaft collar has a 12mm bore, 28mm OD, and 11mm width. Its clamp style design allows you to easily install and remove the shaft collar. It is easily adjustable and is stamped with the CZPT name.
China Cheaper Price! ! 165mm Down Hole Screw Mud Motor for Water Well Drilling Rig     shaft collar axial loadChina Cheaper Price! ! 165mm Down Hole Screw Mud Motor for Water Well Drilling Rig     shaft collar axial load
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